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Efficient tools for experimenting and maximizing your web-site conversion

Various types of A/B/N and multivariate testing

Start improving your site right now

Feel free to a/b/n test texts, colors, and position of the elements on your web page to find out which variations of your a/b/n test attract more visitors.

Increase conversions by split-testing the length of your sign-up form, types of fields in the form, or how privacy policy or “social proof” is displayed.

Optimize the content with multivariate experiments. Take into account the user's location, device type, screen resolution, etc. to figure out which content works more efficiently.

Intelligent conversion instruments improves your site conversion

Test, analyze, and maximize, applying the optimal approaches in testing. We exploit algorithms of reinforcement learning to optimize your experiment results.

A system algorithm calculates the conversion for each variation you’ve set in the A/B or multivariate test; and the variant with the biggest conversion automatically gets the biggest share of a whole traffic. Such balancing is accomplished with a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller and forecasting algorithm.

Uncompromizing event analytics

Analyze stats, trends, and other site visitors’ preferences to reach your target audience with the best site content.

Is your traffic relevant enough?

How to know how much traffic to buy?

Your site looks good and you are ready to dazzle your visitors with outstanding goods and services. So, don't take risks when you purchase your traffic. We can help you estimate how relevant your audience is.

Make your own rules for user relevance detection and watch how this relevance changes depending on various factors.

Maxymizely helps you uncover a variety of interesting segments.

Define the quality of users for different traffic sources and study the statistics for the last period to get the most accurate predictions.

3D Traffic Segmentation

We can help you to escape from the two-dimensional charts and tables and take advantage of the ability to “see” every user in a three-dimensional representation!

Create and study the clusters of users in 3D by choosing quality parameters and relevance for each dimension.

Segmentation like this helps you understand your audience better, define the most valuable segments, and track their activity by time.

Don't let bugs cause your visitors loss

How to track potential crashes on the app to avoid visitor’s drop?

Track your app issues and monitor effects on your visitor's life cycle with crash analytics reports.

You’ll be able to see all the key metrics on a single screen. You can easily view trends in terms of device and user attributes.

With Maxymizely, you are able to track critical errors and crashes, and what caused them in each version of your application.

Set checkpoints within your application to keep track of user behavior and action sequences in complex scenarios.

We provide free assistance for all Maxymizely users